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 Phonetic System: Basic Phonetic Features of Russian

  •  Russian sounds are generally less energetic than English ones;
  •  all sounds are monophthongs note in Russian;
  •  the length of vowels is not important in Russian;
  •  along with the "voiced-unvoiced" distinction, Russian consonants can be soft (palatalized) and hard (non-palatalized); the softness of consonants has semantic value;
  •  stress is not fixed, it's free and moving.

Russian is rather simple as compared to English because it is considered to be a very phonetic language, which means that there is one-to-one correspondence between letters and sounds except very few pronunciation laws. By and large, Russian words will be understood if you simply read them letter-by-letter. But, to comprehend and speak Russian correctly, you have to get acquainted with several phonetic rules, peculiarities of Russian intonation and stress. All that is the matter of this Reference Book and interactive lessons of Introductory Phonetic Course.


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