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 Russian Slang & Colloquialisms

"Russian Slang and Colloquialisms" is a reference guide to the many informal expressions heard in Russia. The guide now features 200 alphabetically arranged Russian slang words and phrases (each written in Cyrillic & Latin) with English equivalent(s), explanation, and audio files.
Try some free sample sound files now!

The LearningRussian.com considers this reference guide to be useful especially for the persons who study Russian, though we do not recommend the learners using slang in their own speech.

We hope you'll enjoy this fun glimpse of some of the lively phrases that are prevalent in the Russian language.

Only US $9 for a month access to the Slang sound files. Register now!


For more information, please go to about the Guide Book page.

We will be grateful for any notes and suggestions for phrases to be included.

For more Russian words and phrases, please check the Phrases section of the site.


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