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Russian word or phrase Transliteration English equivalent(s) Explanation
f abitura   university entrants
, ! interj Alyo, garazh!   ironical address, hail
m ambal   big, strong, stout man
-! interj Blyaha-muha! Gosh! used to express surprise, amazement
m bolvan dummy man who is regarded as being unintelligent or naive
m Vasya Pupkin John Doe ordinary person, the man in the street, bromide
! = -! Vsyo puchkom! = Vsyo tip-top!   Everything is OK!
-! = ! Vsyo tip-top! = Vsyo puchkom!   Everything is OK!
adj dyorganyj Antsy, jumpy Nervous (about a person)
f zhopa 1) ass 2)piss-up 3)asshole 1)buttocks 2) fiasco, deplorable mess or mix-up 3) bad person
v zhrat' devour, gorge eat quickly and greedily
f zvezda star 1)celebrity 2)usually negative: a person who behaves as if he/she is outstanding
m Inet   Internet
n phr ishodit' slyunyami   envy
f, babytalk kakashka poo-poo 1)excrement 2)bad person
v, babytalk kakat' poo-poo the act of defecating
n mylo   e-mail program or message
! v Ne gruzis'!   Do not take smth. (very much) to heart! Do not worry!
m pivasik   beer
n phr pod kajfom to be high, to be stoned, blue intoxicated: under the influence of alcohol or drugs
m prikol   joke, funny situation, cool stuff
m rasklad   state of affairs
v rzhat' hee-haw laugh loudly
m runet   Russian part of Internet
f skotina beast, brute  
c v phr cnyuhalis' s toboj   made a real deal with you (or: are true partners with you)
m srach mess a dirty or untidy state of a room
adj hrenovyj   bad, poor, worthless, unpleasant
chyo   colloquial form of (what, that, anything)


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