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Russian Slang & Colloquialisms
Part 1
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Russian word or phrase Transliteration English equivalent(s) Explanation
m, derog MP3RA alkash dipso drunk, alcoholic
f, comp sl MP3RA as'ka   ICQ

pl MP3RA babki spondulicks, dough sum of money essential for the owner (see also " !')
m MP3RA babnik womanizer, philanderer man who habitually pays attention to many women for sexual purposes
m MP3RA bazar chitchat, bull session talk, conversation
m MP3RA bardak   disorder, mess, disarray
n phr MP3RA bez bazara   no problems
! interj MP3RA Blin! Shit! expresses a wide range of emotions from admiration to dispair depending on situation and intonation, a bit milder than its English equivalent
(= )m MP3RA bratan (= priyatel') man form of address to a man
v MP3RA buhat' hit the bottle drink too much alcohol

v phr MP3RA v zadnitze in a (ass) hole be in difficult/embarrassing situation
adv MP3RA v nature actually  
! MP3RA Vali otsyuda! F**k off! very rude phrase meaning :"Get out of here!"
! MP3RA Vsyo nishtyak!   Everything is excellent!
v MP3RA vtyurit'sya   to fall in love
v MP3RA v'ezzhat' to dig to understand
v MP3RA vyrubit'sya   1)to fall asleep; 2) to lose consciousness

m MP3RA gemorroj   big problem
m, comp sl MP3RA glyuk   snark, glitch
( = )n MP3RA govno (= der'mo) shit usually used in literal reference
m MP3RA govnyuk bastard  
adj MP3RA goluboj gay guy homosexual man (literally: "blue")
! MP3RA Goni babki!   Give me the money!(see also "'')
v MP3RA gudet' whoop it up to enjoy oneself a lot

! MP3RA Da nu! You don't say!  
. v phr MP3RA Davaj otorvemsya. Let's live it up.  
n phr MP3RA devushka po vyzovu call girl woman prositute who makes her arrangements by phone
. MP3RA Delo dryan'. The cake is dough. Things are looking bad.
(= )n MP3RA der'mo (= govno) shit usually used in literal reference
(= ) f MP3RA detka (= kroshka) baby tender or ironical form of address to a girl or woman
f MP3RA deshyovka el cheapo low price, bargain
. (= .) v MP3RA Dostal. (= Zakolebal.) You pissed me off. I am annoyed with you!(informal phrase expressing annoyance)
f MP3RA dura fool silly female person
m MP3RA durak fool silly male person
v phr MP3RA duraka valyat' 1)screw around 1)to do nothing; 2)play the fool
m MP3RA durdom loony bin, funny farm mental hospital

m MP3RA zhmot   miser, stingy person
m, ironical MP3RA zhmurik   corpse, dead person

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