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Russian Slang & Colloquialisms
Part 2
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Russian word or phrase Transliteration English equivalent(s) Explanation
. MP3RA Za bazar otvetish'.   You'll be held accountable for what you've said.
v phr MP3RA zabit' strelku   to make a date/meeting
f, usu. ironical MP3RA zadnitza ass, butt bad person
. (= .) v MP3RA Zakolebal. (=Dostal) You pissed me off. I am annoyed with you!(informal phrase expressing annoyance)
f MP3RA zanuda killjoy, bore boring, uninteresting person
! v MP3RA Zatknis'! Shut up! be or make quiet
f MP3RA zelen' green bucks, spinach only US dollars

! v MP3RA Ischezni! Get lost!  

m MP3RA kajf   feeling of euphoria, great pleasure, enjoyment
! n phr MP3RA Kakaya zanuda! What a bore!  
! interj MP3RA Kakogo chyorta! What the hell!  
f MP3RA kalancha   tall girl or any tall person (used not often now)
f MP3RA kapusta cabbage money
. v MP3RA Katit.   thats good, it suits
m MP3RA kachok jock-strap body-builder, athlete
f, comp sl MP3RA klava   keyboard
n phr MP3RA klassnaya devchonka cool girl  
adj MP3RA klassnyj cool, kickin' first-class; top-level
adv MP3RA klyovo ool very good, very pleasant, fine
adj MP3RA klyovyj hot red, cool very good, very pleasant, fine
n phr MP3RA klyovyj muzhik cool cat  
v MP3RA kleit'sya   to try to get acquainted
m, derog MP3RA kozyol ass abusive word meaning a bad man
m MP3RA kolotun   sharp frost
(= ) v, drug sl MP3RA kolot'sya (= shiryat'sya) knock up, fix to inject drugs
f MP3RA kolymaga heap old vehicle, (referring slightingly to a car)
m, comp sl MP3RA komp   computer
. MP3RA Konchaj bazar.   Stop talking.
. MP3RA Krome shutok. No kidding.  
(= ) f MP3RA kroshka (= detka) baby tender or ironical form of address to a girl or woman
adv MP3RA kruto cool, zero cool great
adj MP3RA krutoj cool, number one great, strong, rich ,fashionable
n phr MP3RA krutoj paren' tough guy  
f MP3RA krysha   1)head; 2)patron, protector; 3) often: protection by criminals
n phr MP3RA krysha poehala   to go crazy, turn one's head
? MP3RA Kuda namylilsya?   Where are you thinking of going to? What did you get ready for?

f MP3RA lipa   fake, imitation, forgery
adj MP3RA lipovyj   forged, false
m MP3RA loh sucker, klutz  
n phr MP3RA lyubopytnaya Varvara nosy parker nosy person
v phr MP3RA lyasy tochit' chew the fat to have a long conversation about many subjects

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