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Russian Slang & Colloquialisms
Part 3
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Russian word or phrase Transliteration English equivalent(s) Explanation
f MP3RA mat'   ironical form of address to a girl or woman ( literally: "mother")
not decl. noun MP3RA macho macho sexual man
, MP3RA mezhdu nami, devochkami   frankly speaking, between you and me
m MP3RA ment cop policeman/ policewoman
f MP3RA mentovka cop-shop, fuzz station police station
! MP3RA Menya naduli! I'm taken in! smb deceived me
. MP3RA Mne v lom.   I am too lazy (to do smth.)
. (= .) MP3RA Mne do lampochki.( = Mne po barabanu.)   I dont care.
, . derog MP3RA Mne nasrat', chto ty dumaesh'. I don't give a shit what you think. I dont care whar you think.
. (= .) MP3RA Mne po barabanu. (= Mne do lampochki.)   I dont care.
. MP3RA Mne po figu.   1)It's all the same to me. 2) I do not care.
f MP3RA mobila   cellular phone
f MP3RA mymra   unpleasant woman

MP3RA na svoih dvoih   go on foot
(= ) adv MP3RA navesele ( = na ushah) in the pink a bit drunk
( -) v MP3RA naezzhat' (na kogo-libo) sail into someone to express dissatisfaction, to blame
adj MP3RA naryadnyj well-heeled rich
(= ) adv MP3RA na ushah ( = navesele) in the pink a bit drunk
. MP3RA Ne beri v golovu. Take it easy .  
. (= .) MP3RA Ne goni purgu.( Ne svisti.)   Do not tell lies.
. (= .) MP3RA Ne svisti. (=Ne goni purgu.)   Do not tell lies.
! (= !) interj MP3RA Ni figa sebe! (= Obaldet'!) Crickey! Golly! expression of surprise
n phr MP3RA ni hrena   1) nothing; 2) nothing of the kind; 3) no
adj MP3RA nulevyj brand-new new and completely unused

, ! MP3RA O, klassno! Man, it's cool! Great!
! (= !) interj MP3RA Obaldet'! (= Ni figa sebe!) Crickey! Golly! expression of surprise
m MP3RA oblom   failure of plans and hopes
v MP3RA ogryzat'sya talk back snarl, snap: to speak or say quickly in an annoyed way
! interj MP3RA oj! ouch!  
v phr MP3RA ostat'sya s nosom leave holding the bag  
. v MP3RA Ostyn'. Chill out. Calm down.  
. v MP3RA Otvali. Piss off. go away, live me alone
v MP3RA otryvat'sya to live it up to have a wild good time; enjoy oneself with eating and drinking, parties, spending, etc.
m MP3RA otstoj rubish smth disgraceful, worthless, bad thing

m MP3RA pedik   homosexual man
v, taboo MP3RA perdet' fart to send out air from the bowels through the anus
v phr MP3RA perevodit' strelki   to shift the blame on smb
pl MP3RA pertzy   cool guys
v MP3RA pilit'   to run smb down, to lecture smb
v phr MP3RA pit' zapoem drink like a fish drink too much, several days/weeks running
! v MP3RA Poehali ! Kick it! let's go or get started
n MP3RA pojlo booze alcoholic drinks
- adv MP3RA po-lyubomu at any rate  
v phr MP3RA porot' chush' get a screw loose to talk nonsense
adj MP3RA potryasnyj   Really good, striking excellent
! MP3RA Poshyol ty! F**k you! very rude phrase expressing extreme annoyance (literally: "go away!")
pl MP3RA predki folks parents
m MP3RA pridurok nitwit silly foolish person
m MP3RA prikid   peson's clothing
! v MP3RA Prikin'!   Just imagine!
adv MP3RA prikol'no   funny, comically, jokingly
m MP3RA priyatel' buddy, dude man, guy
v MP3RA profukat'   to lose ( used if the thing or the game is lost or the game)
m MP3RA psih kook, nuts person whose ieas or behaviour are unusual or silly
adj phr MP3RA p'yan v stel'ku dead drunk, drunk back  
( -/ -) v MP3RA pyalit'sya (na kogo-to/chto-to)   to gaze at smb./smth.

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