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Russian Slang & Colloquialisms
Part 4
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Russian word or phrase Transliteration English equivalent(s) Explanation
v MP3RA raskolot'sya   to tell the truth
v MP3RA raskusit'   to reveal smbs secret
- . MP3RA Rasskazhi eto komu-nibud' drugomu. Tell your story to marines.  
adj MP3RA rasfufyrennyj dolled up festively dressed
f MP3RA rozha mug face
v phr MP3RA rubit' kapustu to make a quick buck to make money quickly and easily

MP3RA s privetom gaga having or showing a weak mind
f MP3RA svoloch' bastard, skunk abusive word denoting a person who is bad, unfair, unkind, etc.
v phr, drug sl MP3RA sidet' na igle on the needle, on the hype to inject drugs regularly
v MP3RA skorefanit'sya   to make friends
! MP3RA Sledi za bazarom! Watch your tongue!  
v MP3RA smyt'sya to slip away  
m MP3RA sortir craphouse, grower toilet
m, n phr, derog MP3RA staryj perdun   unpleasant old man
m MP3RA stvol rod weapon, arm
MP3RA stroit' glazki make eyes at smb. to show that one finds (someone) sexually attractive by looking at them in an inviting way
f, foul MP3RA suka bitch person, esp. when unkind or bad-tempered
v phr MP3RA sygrat' v yashchik kick the bucket to die

f MP3RA tachka four wheels, sheen car
! intej MP3RA Tvoyu mat'! F**king shit! expressing anger/annoyance or surprise, a bit milder than its English equivalent
(= ) m MP3RA telik (= yashchik) idiot box, boob tube TV set
f, derog MP3RA tyolka quail girl or woman
m MP3RA tormoz   person slow in understanding
v MP3RA torchat'   to get delighted, to enjoy smth greatly, to turn on
f, drug sl MP3RA travka bush, grass marijuana
v MP3RA trahat'sya fuck, jig to have sex
n MP3RA treplo bigmouth  
, f MP3RA tusovka, tusa be-in party, the place where young people gather
f MP3RA tufta   nonsense, trifle
! MP3RA Ty menya dostal! I' m sick and tired of you!  
f MP3RA tyuryaga jug prison, jail

! MP3RA Figa s dva!   Nothing of the kind!
f MP3RA fignya   nonsense, trifle, rubbish
(= ) m MP3RA fingal (= fonar') shiner black eye
f MP3RA fishka   interesting or exlusive information , subject, thing
(= ) m MP3RA fonar' (= fingal) shiner black eye

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