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Russian Slang & Colloquialisms
Part 5
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Russian word or phrase Transliteration English equivalent(s) Explanation
v MP3RA havat'   to have meals, to eat
m MP3RA havchik chow food
, f MP3RA haltura, halturka moonlighting, gig work on the side
f MP3RA halyava   smth that is free of charge, got for nothing
m MP3RA halyavshchik deadbeat lazy person who gets everything for nothing at smb.'s expense
m MP3RA hren cock, dick 1)literlly:horse-radish; 2) in 90% of words "hren" is euphemism for foul "khuy" (penis)
adv MP3RA hrenovo   badly, not well

m MP3RA chajnik   1) beginner in driving;2)stupid person, beginner
׸ ! (= ׸ !) interj MP3RA Chyort voz'mi! (= Chyort poberi!) Damn it! Oh shit! expressing anger or annoyance
׸ ! (= ׸ !) interj MP3RA Chyort poberi! (= Chyort voz'mi!) Damn it! Oh shit! expressing anger or annoyance
׸! interj MP3RA Chyort! Damn! Hell! expressing anger or annoyance
adj MP3RA chyortov f**king, jiggered damned, accursed
adj MP3RA chyotkij neat, cool very good, very pleasant, fine
adj MP3RA choknutyj cranky, screwy,dippy very strange, odd, slightly mad
?! MP3RA Chto ty nesyosh'?! What are you drivelling about?  
m MP3RA chuvak buddy, kiddo  
f MP3RA chush' garbage, guff 1) stupid and worthless ideas, words, etc.; 2) lies
n phr MP3RA chush' sobach'ya bull shit  

v MP3RA sharit'   to have a good understanding of smth
! v MP3RA Shevelis'! Shake a leg! Hurry up!
(= ) v, drug sl MP3RA shiryat'sya (= kolot'sya) knock up, fix to inject drugs
f MP3RA shishka big gun, big noise person of great importance
pl MP3RA shmotki   lothes
n phr, teens' sl MP3RA shnurki v stakane   parents are at home (the phrase was very popular in 80-ties, now uncommon)
f MP3RA shtuka   one thousand of roubles

. MP3RA Ya v osadke.   I am shocked/surprised.
. MP3RA Ya ne v'ezzhayu. I don't dig it. I do not understand
! MP3RA Ya tashchus'!   I enjoy (smth). I am delighted (with smth).
pl, taboo MP3RA yajtza balls testicles
(= ) m MP3RA yashchik (= telik) idiot box, boob tube TV set

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